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We're going to do our best to get any kinks worked out of our blog as quickly as possible. Things may not be linked up right, pictures might not show, gadgets and widgets all gone wrong. Until then we'll provide some alternative ways to contact or follow us

Anyone of these sisters could respond, unless you specify in the subject line

Follow Jamie on Pinterest:
Follow Ashley on Pinterest:
Clarine's bound to get one, one of these days.. you can only resist for so long

Follow Jamie on Instagram: @jamieelynnrobb
Follow Ashley on Instagram: @ashriane
Again, Clarine's gonna jump on the bandwagon anyday..

Tweet with us.. @callthisnormal but I should warn you, that to is a work in progress
You can also check out Jamie's non-profit Unchained at and be sure to like them on facebook

See what life is like from the animals point of view out at the farm and see what events they have going on at

Phew, okay, that should cover all sources of contact! At least for now, until we get the gist of this blogging business.

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