About Us

So who are we and why are we here?

Well.. for starters, we are 3 sisters, all at different crossroads and points in our lives where things may appear a bit..different. But its totally normal to us :) Please bear with us, blogging is new to us and we'll be getting all the kinks and quirks worked out along the way.

Here's a quick glance into who we are:

Clarine- Our early 30's photographer, esthetician, realtor, mother of one, a jack of all trades and now is living on a farm.. That's right cows, pigs, chickens galore.. the whole nine yards. Recently our mother of one has become a loving member of a growing family, moving out of her comfort zone (suburban living) and is trying to get used to having baby goats in the living room. She'll have some interesting stories to follow.

Jamie- 20 something and trying to save the world.. but is a waitress by day. This ASU Alum has her degree in Justice Studies and she has a strong passion for helping others. She has begun using her tools by beginning a non-profit, Unchained. Through their efforts they educate and empower communties to raise awareness and abolish domestic sex trafficking. You'll hear more about upcoming projects and events!

Ashley- Our baby sister (also the tallest) is living the life of a gypsy traveler ;) She first spread her wings leaving Arizona to work in Walt Disney World Florida. She has been blessed with opportunities to expereince the life of a Tokyo Traveler where she is now calling home and working with Tokyo Disney. See where she's traveling next and all she see's while she's there.

That's not the extent of our family clan, we also have a brother, Ryan. He may be less into blogging, pinterest, DIY and all that jazz but he's got his hands full with three wonderful boys and an amazing wife. It's also important to point out, he happens to be the best cook in the family so hopefully we'll be stealing some of his mouth watering recipes to share down the road!

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